Confessions of a runner is a documentary series that I have created with Patrick Vaughan under our production company "House of Steep Productions". This 30min. documentary was a turning point in my life, It made a great impact on my career as director-producer by creating amazing new challenges.

"A blend of eye-popping scenery, extreme human achievement, and revealing personal stories, Confessions of a Runner is unscripted and unpredictable. it is a verite, athlete-driven series focusing on elite runners whose unique insights into the diversity and competitive nature of the human spirit are uplifting and astonishing. Unlike runners pursuing Olympic medals, or fame and glory, Ultra-marathoners have more complex reasons for their all-consuming hobby."

Timothy Rockwood, Producer, House of Steep Productions


- Banff Best Film in Mountain Sports 2020

- VIMFF Best Mountain Sports Film 2021

- Davis International Film Festival - Best Doc Short

- Arpa International - Nominated Best Doc Short

- Independent Shorts Awards - Winner - Best Doc Short - June 2020, Honorable Mention - Sound Design

- Weyauwega International Film Festival - Honorable Mention - Best Doc Short

- Documentary Short Festival - Best Cinematography

“Marked by a rare truthfulness and an authenticity of emotion, Bachar Khattar's film Confessions of a Runner tells the inspiring story of a broken man who rises to a challenge he sets for himself. Daunted by lingering undertones of both crippling physical impairment and emotional disturbances, Patrick Vaughan redefines himself on the way to breaking the record for completing the 470 km Lebanon Mountain Trail in less than eight days. Archival material, local music, and brilliant candid camera add to the film, making for an inspiring and compelling experience.”

— Reena Mohan, jury member at Banff 2020

Short running Films

Bigfoot 200 - 2018

TAHOE 200 - 2018

MOAB 240 - 2018


The Story of House of steep productions

In June 2017, Patrick Vaughan traveled to Lebanon to run the 450km “Lebanon Mountain Trail”. Patrick hired Bachar Khattar to support and film his Fastest Known Time (FKT) attempt with the purpose of making a short personal video of his run. Over the course of the weeklong adventure, Patrick and Bachar bonded and became close friends with Bachar providing a majority of the logistical support necessary for Patrick to complete the run while simultaneously filming the entire effort mostly solo.

Patrick was an inspiration to Bachar who kept pressing for an explanation of why Patrick was running. Patrick eventually shared the secrets of his life on camera, appearing so genuine and content with his story. This drove Bachar on his own journey to document the run and tell Patrick’s story. He initially collected more than 20 hours of footage and then began a relentless three-year effort to release the final production.

In 2018, Bachar joined Patrick while he attempted the “Triple Crown of 200’s”, a series of 200+ mile races featuring some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in the United States. Bachar filmed the Bigfoot 200 Endurance Run in August, Tahoe 200 in September, and Moab 240 miler in October. The Triple Crown is the apex of ultrarunning, totaling 645 miles in three races over 10 weeks and taking contestants up to 317 hours to complete. In collaboration with the race organizers, Destination Trail, we produced four shorts, one for each of the races, and one of the overall Triple Crown experience.

In 2019, House of Steep Productions collaborated with Visionaire Media and the MENA Media Fund to finalize the short documentary and release it to festivals beginning in June 2020.

Filmed and produced entirely in Beirut, Lebanon, the documentary titled Confessions of a Runner intends to be the first in a series of six episodes about ultrarunners, what makes them tick, and the stunning geography where they seek peace and redemption. It is a gateway program to understanding the pursuit of healing, perseverance, and self-awareness. This is a series for all seasons.